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Multi-Year Roads Plan

A Multi-Year Roads Plan for Newfoundland and Labrador

The Department of Transportation and Works is seeking input on road and bridges across the province that require rehabilitation and/or upgrading to inform our multi-year roads plan.

Get Involved

Feedback can be provided in a number of ways:

Please provide us with your input. Every road and bridge identified will be assessed and ranked based on safety, reliability, class, and preventive value. This builds on the process used for the 2016 construction season, details of which can be found online in the Project List and Ranking PDF for the 2016-17 Construction Season.

Note: If there are road issues in your area that require immediate repairs (such as large potholes or missing guiderails), please contact your regional transportation office directly using the contact information here, by email at tw@gov.nl.ca or online by filling out the departmental Online Feedback Form.

Submissions that will inform the ranking and prioritization of projects for the upcoming multi-year plan will be accepted until November 21, 2016.


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